Anne Macdonald, Harmony Librarian, Receives RUSA BRASS Morningstar Award for Business Librarian of the Year

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By Sam Parker

Anne Macdonald, a local librarian of the Poudre River Library District, is scheduled to be receiving the RUSA BRASS Morningstar Public Librarian Support Award on June 24.

Macdonald, a Poudre River Librarian for four and a half years is receiving the award for having exceeded the expectations of our community as well as RUSA BRASS.

“This library has been unbelievably great on letting me develop what a business librarian should be doing for the community.”

The Reference and User Services Association‘s (RUSA) Business Reference and Service Section (BRASS) gives out an annual award of $1,000 in travel funds for the American Library Association’s (ALA) annual conference to a “public librarian who has performed outstanding business reference service and outstanding service to the community.” Morningstar, a mutual fund company, sponsors the award.
“Being a librarian isn’t just about books,” Macdonald discusses, “It’s really more of an information center.”

She explained that librarians provide databases, know how to search [databases] and provide information for the public and businesses. This outlook on her profession reflects her good intentions and actions within the community.

FRCC librarian Anne McDonald, recipient of the BRASS Morningstar Award Photo: Sam Parker

As a business librarian, she takes it upon herself to work closer than other librarians with small businesses to counsel and provide industry information, market trends, as well as research on competitors as a service from the library and as a partner of the small business development center.
Macdonald also discussed that she puts most of her energy into getting small businesses going.
“I work with a small business development center, and a [small business development center’s] whole goal is to get businesses growing so they’ll employ people; so the communities will have high economic development,” she stated.

Although her main focus is on the small businesses, she also works with high-tech businesses through Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology.

When asked why our own Poudre River Library District was such a great place for her, she discussed, “They’ve let me develop the job how I wanted to.”

Because she took a break from being a librarian for 15 years to raise her kids, she worked with writing grants for small businesses and nonprofits. Coming back to the librarian business later, she felt like she had a better grasp on what small businesses and non-profits needed.

“This library has been unbelievably great on letting me develop what a business librarian should be doing for the community.”

Although the exact location has not yet been announced, Macdonald will be receiving her award of $1,000 at the RUSA Awards Reception, scheduled June 24, at the ALA’s annual conference in Anaheim, California. For more information visit the RUSA website at


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