Student Life Works to Alleviate Stress as Finals Week Moves Along

          By Lauren Sawinska

student life 2

Courtesy: Nathan Morimitsu

The semester is coming to a close, and the only thing standing between students and their much deserved winter break is the dreaded final exams.  As stress levels go up, Student Life has been busy cultivating ways to help students wind down during the last week of school.

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Sexy Sustainable Tilapia Nourishes Local Community

          By Andrew Steiner

The Quatrix Version of aquaponics is a soil-free symbiotic food-production operation in which long concrete pools serve as living quarters for fish while floating islands of Styrofoam suspend plant roots into the pool.
Photo: Christina Crooks

Fort Collins has a reputation as a community making waves within the sustainable movement. One of the new names to be aware of is Quatrix, located in the township of LaPorte, which is utilizing an agricultural technique called aquaponics in order to provide nutritious and affordable organic food to our community year-round. Quatrix currently offers tilapia, basil and three types of lettuce, all produced in an efficient and environmentally conscious manner.

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Campus Looks to Begin Construction as Early as February

          By Lauren Sawinska

Front Range Community College – Larimer has increased its enrollment by 40 percent over the past five years. After trying to find a parking spot in the morning or visiting the student center during lunch hours, one thing is clear: more space is needed.

Photo Art: Connie Brown

FRCC – Larimer is 60,000 square feet short to handle the current population, which is about the length of a 100-yard football field. This estimate is from Joe Bilotta, owner and campus architect of JBA 1ncorporated. According to Bruce Walthers, vice president of the Larimer Campus, FRCC brought in Bilotta to do an analysis of student enrollment and the types of programs on campus. Thus began the master planning of expanding the Larimer campus, which includes multiple, year-long phases extending to 2017.

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. JJ Driever says:

    The photo is some very good photo art, but you haven’t list who the Artist was. Just curious.

  2. Quentin Sickafoose says:

    Good to see the online edition finally coming along. Nice job with the bylines and accessability of the website, solid work!

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